Monteserra Butterfly House is a tropical green house where hundreds of butterflies, the world most beautiful ones, fly around visitors. You can observe them at close range and discover their life cycle and how their habits are strictly linked to the natural environment. In the facility special exhibition rooms are devoted to the Silkworm and the Leaf-cutter ants.


The Butterfly House will be open on 5 July.

For information and reservations please contact us:
- by sending an sms on the facebook page: Casa delle Farfalle Monteserra
095 7890768 (9:00 – 13:00)
- 347.0415868 (16:00 – 18:00)

Discover The Butterfly House

Casa delle Farfalle – Parco Monteserra

Discover The Park

Casa delle Farfalle – Parco Monteserra2

How to get there


Via Dietro Serra, 6, 95029 Viagrande CT Presso Museo dell'Etna

Tel 095 78 90 768 | Mobile 347 04 15 868

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