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Monte Serra Educational Center 

Parco Monteserra Association, in charge for the management of the area, is a group of volunteers who care for the maintenance of the park trying to create a place where conservation, enjoyment and sustainable development can coexist. Thanks to their enthusiasm, in a few years Monte Serra Park has become an important educational centre and a desired destination for many families, school groups and tourists.

Activities for groups aim to promote the principles of nature conservation by the knowledge and the discovery of its most important features. Accompanying guides are competent and qualified, both for young and elder visitors.

Our Proposals For School Groups

The Butterfly House – For all class courses

Casa delle farfalle

A fascinating guided tour in three stages: a conversation about butterflies in our teaching room, a walk in the green house among the living insects, the special exhibits of the silkworm and the leafcutter ants. The tour lasts about 45 minutes.

Etna Museum – For all classes from 6 years


A “Journey inside the Earth” to discover how the world’s volcanoes work and how earthquakes are caused. Interactive educational activities to experience eruptions.  Etna and its history with myths, legenda and natural features. Etna Museum is located at 5 minutes drive from Monteserra Park. Special discounts for the Butterfly House visitors. See more on:

Pista da sci


Nuova pista in manto sintetico con la stessa scorrevolezza della neve e un nastro trasportatore per risalire comodamente. Le lezioni di avviamento allo sci sono condotte da Maestri della Scuola Italiana di Sci. L’attrezzatura necessaria (sci, scarponi e casco protettivo) è fornita dall’organizzazione.

The Fairy Tale in the Wood– Classes aged 3 – 6 

Fiaba nel bosco

 An animated tale along a nature trail where children are the protagonists together with trees and animals in the wood.

Art Attack Lab –  For classes aged 3-10 

Art Attack

In the natural setting of the wood children make by their own paper and wood objects by using materials and colours provided by their guide.

The Little Train – For classes aged 3 -10 

Parco giochi

A short route inside the wood all together seated in a van carried by a tractor.

Colours and biodiversity – For classes aged 4 -7 

Ecolab- Colori e biodiversità

Stimulating examples and games in order to understand the meaning and the role of colours in the natural world.

From Bees to Honey– For classes aged 5 – 13 

Dalle api al miele

A fascinating meeting with a bee keeper to discover the bees world and all the stages of the honey production.

 Nature tracks and traces – For classes aged from 7 

sulle tracce della natura

A pleasant walk with a guide along the nature trails in order to learn about the wood ecosystem and plant and animal biodiversità.

Tubing – For all classes from 5 


Let’s have fun by sliding down the artificial grass slope inside inflated tubes! Tubing is for everybody, kids and elders. For the way up a conveyer belt will make it easy.


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